CDGDC Delegation Participated in APEC Seminar


With the invitation from MOE, a delegation headed by Mr. Wang Lisheng, the Deputy Director-General of CDGDC, participated in ‘Seminar on Capacity Building for Policies and Monitoring of Cross-Border Education in the APEC Region’ hosted by MOE from June 27-29 in Shanghai, China.
The Seminar was organized by Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences. More than 60 representatives and experts from China, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, APEC, UNESCO and OECD participated in the Seminar.
Mr. Liu Baoli, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Co-operation and Exchange of MOE gave an opening remark. Mr. Xu Yongji, the Deputy Director-General from the same department, delivered a keynote speech namely ‘Cross-Border Education in China: Status Quo, Practices and Future Prospects’. The Seminar was divided into 4 plenary sessions with topics of ‘Cross-Border Education in the APEC region: Major Concerns, Chances and Challenges’, ‘Promote Students Mobility and Improve Consumer Protection in the APEC region’, ‘Strengthen Cooperation on Quality Assurance and Information Exchange in Cross-Border Education in the APEC region’ and ‘Improve Qualification Recognition and Strengthen Cooperation on Qualification Management in APEC region’ respectively.
As a specially invited speaker Mr. Wang Lisheng hosted the 4th plenary session.
Mr. Lin Mengquan, the Director for Evaluation of CGDDC, and Mrs. Li Ping, the Director for Verification of CDGDC, made the presentations namely ‘Research and Practice on Quality Assurance of China’s Cross-Border Education: A Focus on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools’ and ‘China Qualifications Verification: Serving Cross-Border Education’ respectively.
In terms of the important role played by qualification verification in the field of Cross-Border Education and people mobility Mr. Wang Lisheng in the end of the Seminar raised a proposal of establishing an ‘Asia-Pacific Association for Qualifications (APAQ)’, which received positive feedbacks from Seminar attendees.
In his proposal Mr. Wang Lisheng suggested that APAQ should be a co-operational platform in the field of qualifications verification in APEC region. Members of APAQ may, through this platform, take joint research on qualifications equivalence, information exchange, verification collaboration and fully fulfill the related bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Mr. Wang Lisheng and representatives from MOE and MFA


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