On Verifying Transcripts of Summer School Programmes


CDGDC from now on starts to verify transcripts of Summer School Programmes issued in 2013 and thereafter.
Note: Applicants shall submit scanned notifications issued by foreign institutions while uploading regular supporting documents as required. Notification should include the following contents: major in current attending foreign institution, year of study, name of the institution holding Summer School Program in China, course title and credits.
Sample:Li Ming is currently a registered student majoring in Mathematics in the University of Texas in the 3rd year. He took a summer school programme held by Peking University in 2013, and the credits are as follows:
Macroeconomics 4
Microeconomics 4
Statistics 3.5
The credits gained from the above programme are in line with our credit system. But the transcript needs to be authenticated by CDGDC.
When all the above documents are received electronically, we will start our verification process and issue verification reports to the applicants after authentication.
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