China Discipline Ranking (CDR) evaluates the disciplines of universities and colleges in Mainland China in accordance with the Discipline Catalogue of Degree Awarding and Talent Training approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is a non-profit program organized by China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) as an independent legal entity. Its evaluation results are widely trusted by students, universities and colleges, the government, and other parties.

  In evaluation, CDR mainly focuses on a university/college’s teaching staff and resources, its scientific research level, its talent training quality and the reputation of its disciplines. CDR carries out its evaluation in a way which combines an objective calculation of data and peer review. The data come from officially released information for public use and the materials submitted by the university/college for evaluation, both of which are subject to vigorous verification by CDGDC.

  Since its start in 2002, CDR has completed three evaluations by 2012. In the latest evaluation in 2012, there were 4166 disciplines from 363 universities and colleges applied, including 80% of the disciplines awarding doctoral degrees. The publication of its result on January 29, 2013, not only received special reportages from influential media such as Chinese Central Television, People’s Daily and Chinese Education Daily, but also was spoken highly of. It also received international attention. Welcome to access CDR 2012.

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